Sheets can be cut using a fine tooth handsaw, circular saw with a fine tooth metal blade at low speeds or an abrasive wheel. Cutting produces dust, which should be, removed either by a vacuum cleaner or an air gun.


Position Knee Fasteners on the side of the sheet ready to receive the next. Knee fasteners are suitable for fitting to both purlins and rafters. If fitting to metal framework use rivets or 35mm wafer head screws should be used for timber framework.

Roof Fall:

A minimum pitch of 5° is recommended (87mm/1000mm).


Min. Radius

Max. Overhang

Sheet Width

Rafter Spacing

Danpalon 4mm Compact 2900mm 50mm 592mm 600mm
Danpalon 8mm Honeycomb 2200mm 50mm 600mm 602mm
Danpalon 10mm Honeycomb 2500mm 50mm 600mm 602mm
Danpalon 12mm Multicell 2600mm 50mm 600/900mm 602/902mm
Danpalon 16mm Multicell 2900mm 100mm 600/1040mm 602/1042mm
Danpalon 30mm Honeycomb 4200mm 100mm 900mm 902mm

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Danpalon polycarbonate sheets have good chemical resistance, at room temperature, to a variety of dilute organic and inorganic acids. Water, vegetable oils, solutions of natural salts, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols are also included in this category.

Some chemical substances may attack Danpalon polycarbonate sheets. Among them are low molecular weight aldehydes and ethers, ketones, esters, aromatic hydrocarbons, perchlorinated hydrocarbons, acetone and xylene.

Danpalon polycarbonate sheets are not compatible with alkalines, alkali salts, amines and high ozone concentrations.


For small areas:

  • Rinse the sheet with lukewarm water.
  • Wash the sheets with a solution of mild soap or household detergent and lukewarm water, using a soft cloth or a sponge in one direction only to loosen any dirt and grime.
  • Rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth in one direction only to prevent water spotting.
  • To remove labels, stickers etc, the use of kerosene, neptha or white spirits is generally effective. Afterwards, repeat steps 1 to 3 above.

For large areas:

  • Clean surface with a high pressure water and/or steam cleaner. (No more than 80oC)
  • Use of additives to the water should be restricted to those compatible with Danpalon polycarbonate sheets.
  • Recommended solvent cleaners are: White Spirit, Petroleum Ether (BP65), Hexane and Heptane.
When cleaning bent Danpalon sheets, it is recommended to try the solvent first on a bent sample of the material for a few hours, if no visible discolouration has occurred apply the solvent on the whole area.


Never use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners on Danpalon polycarbonate sheets. Cleaners and solvent generally recommended for use on polycarbonate are not necessarily compatible with the UV Protected surface of the Danpalon polycarbonate sheets.

Do not use either BUTYL CELLOSOLVE or ISOPROPANOL on the UV protected surface of Danpalon polycarbonate sheets. Never scrub with brushes, steel wool or other abrasive a material.


For maintenance purposes ‘walking boards’ should be used across the connectors. The boards themselves should be in accordance with Australian OH&S Standards and should be used according to OH&S legislative guidelines.

Roof Details



Apron Flashing (48KB)
Guttter Detail (41KB)
Parallel Flashing (68KB)
Ridge Flashing (74KB)

Vertical Details



Base of Cladding (35KB)
Base of Cladding (internal connectors) (131KB)
Side of Cladding (56KB)
Top of Cladding (56KB)
Top of Cladding (internal connectors) (88KB)

Architectural Catalogue

Danpalon 16mm (3926KB)

Load Capacity of Danpalon Stainless Steel Fasteners:

Heavy Duty S/S Knee Fastener DP8 125kg/each
Heavy Duty S/S Knee Fastener DP10 175kg/each
Heavy Duty S/S Knee Fastener DP12 175kg/each
Heavy Duty S/S Knee Fastener DP16 175kg/each
Trapezoid HD S/S Knee Fastener DP10/16 250kg/each

Support Spacing Guide.

Spans are based on a design wind speed of 41 m/s which equates to a 1kpa wind load.













4mm 900 700 1400 1000 n/a n/a
8mm 900 700 1400 1000 1600 1200
10mm 1100 800 1600 1200 1800 1400
12mm 1200 900 1600 1200 1800 1400
16mm 1300 900 1600 1200 1800 1400

These spans are where there would be virtually no deflection.

DPC Connector for 4mm:

DPC Connector for Multicell:

DPC30 Connector:

DPC54 Connector: